I have a router PC which does not have a video card (it takes a slot
and an IRQ and other resources...). I use -h in /boot.options to start it
from a serial console. So far so good, but init does not start a single
getty. Actually, init does not even bother to read /etc/ttys or so it
seems. I've disabled all ttyv*s, enabled only /dev/ttyd0, or only
/dev/console - no luck.

    No error messages about ttys are reported.

    Starting getty by hand (ssh works, all services seem to start normally)
works on /dev/ttyd0 and on /dev/console. The problem is, init does not
want to start them.

    I have observed this behaviour long time ago, and now it happens again.
    BTW, the system is running 5.1-RELEASE-p10.
    My workaround is to start ttys through daemontools/svscan.

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