Hi there,
I would like to setup a FreeBSD 4.9 NAT firewall server using a cable modem to share 
Internet access to the rest of the PC's on the network (PC's being Win98 using 
Gateway/DNS set to the IP of the FreeBSD box).
Does anyone know if FreeBSD 4.9 can withstand various attacks such as DoS straight out 
of the box, or does it require any 3rd party stateful packet firewalls etc.. to be 
I was trying to find a step-by-step guide for installing a secure firewall/nat server 
but could not finding anything current.  This was the closest one I found:
The server would not need to run any other services at all (ftp/www/dns/etc..), it 
would just need to allow LAN machines to browse the net (all sites including 
secure/ssl or non-standard port sites), connect to external FTP servers, and 
download/upload files.  (preferably if someone knows how to filter download file types 
or scan files downloaded for viruses that would be great too). The server would have 
two NIC's, one for LAN and one for WAN (cable modem).
If anyone has a reference somewhere I would appreciate it.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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