Trey Sizemore wrote:

Doing a first time install of 5.1.  The ports packages look comprehensive
and very up-to-date.  I'm coming from the linux world, having used it
exclusively for the past year.  I have the manual and will certainly read
it before perfoming the install to hopefully make the process easier.

I found the following in a FreeBSD article post and wanted any comments
from users who had done a number of installs as to the logic/soundness of
following the steps outlined below:

Install a minimal base system and the ports collection.

Install and configure cvsup and portupgrade.

Update your source tree and ports tree.

Make buildworld, kernel, installworld. Run portupgrade -a.

Reboot your nice, clean, up-to-date system and start installing apps you
want to use.

Does this make sense?  Any additional steps and is the ordering of the
steps sound?

Thanks for your feedback.

If I'd been smart, I'd have done something close to what you're suggesting the first time, over 2 years ago. However, I've learned plenty by trial/error doing thing in a more complex way.

I'm almost to where your writer is.  My most recent
new box (my first for desktop use) was, IIRC:

Install /bin via sysinstall (floppy/FTP ).  Abort the
remaining installation.

Install cvsup-no-gui as a *package* via sysinstall.

CVSUP src for 5.1 --- make buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel
reboot, make installworld.

CVSUP ports, and go from there...

I'm not exactly sure I planned to do it this way, but it's
worked quite well, and I felt I made good progress despite
the fact I was on a dialup link....

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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