On Wed, Nov 26, 2003, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Marty Landman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I've had so many truncated d/l's trying to install the Mysql server
> > from the port that came with my 4.8 mini iso that I decided instead to
> > d/l the mysql-max-4.0.16-unknown-freebsd4.7-i386.tar.gz from mysql.org
> > and install from there. How is this done? Do I just drop the tar.gz
> > into the ports dir and then make install; make build after make
> > dist-clean? Which subdir does the .gz file go into?
> distfiles
> [man ports(7)]
> Also note the -F and -R options for fetch, which is the default
> program used for the downloads.

I did mine the hard way. I grabbed that file and put into /tmp. I then
gunzipped un-tarred and configured and made. It worked, but surely the
distfiles methods is easiest.

Have you resolved the truncated downloads? I would make sure that is not
an issue prior to installing from the gz. You sure don't want the
further aggravation of some file broken while installing.
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