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I have a number of scripts that run every night using a crontab. In my crontab file I'm using the MAILTO flag to get cron to email me every time it runs which results in a lot of emails.

Is there any way of instructing cron to only email me if the cron job fails?


Stuart Gibson


Redirect stderror to /dev/null:

/bin/sh /home/me/myscript > /dev/null

And this one won't mail you, whether it errors
or not....

/bin/sh /home/me/myscript > /dev/null 2>&1

Kevin Kinsey DaleCo, S.P.

Very cool! Now, what if you do the same, but instead of the normal crons, can something like this be done with the /etc/periodic/daily, weekly, and monthly routines?

I'd suggest

$man periodic

and see the relevant paragraphs under "Examples"...


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