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At Wed, 26 Nov 2003 it looks like Kevin Stevens composed:

Both these machines are on the network via cat5 and I can't
remember if I had to unplug the serial to reboot the FreeBSD box
before and not affect the Ultra-10 or what I did. I know now
that the serial cable is hooked up so I'll wait till I get home.

I do recall that when Solaris would "halt" I would have to
serial in and I think type "go" if I'm not mistaken -- then it
would resume running.  It was in a protective sleep mode if I
recall and did not need to be rebooted.

Yes, that's what I described; "go" is the command to exit OpenBoot and resume program (OS) execution. It isn't a sleep mode, btw, everything is still spinning and humming.

My worst instance of this was working (desperately) on a new Sun blade server trying to get some network modelling software running. My connection was via PC laptop COM1, and as I was typing someone periodically would hook up to the IR link on the laptop to transfer some more files to me to copy over. Every time they did so, the Sun would apparently crash.

The IR link set itself up as COM3 on a shared interrupt with COM1, every time it saw activity on the port it invisibly interrupted the terminal session and the Sun was dropping into OpenBoot.



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