On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 10:12:21AM +0100, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> Hi :)
> I upgraded two boxes to FreeBSD-5.2-BETA a week ago and I noticed that NFS 
> performance is very slow compared to 4.x-RELEASE.
> Before, NFS transfers were between 10 and 12 MB/s and now I don't go past 7 
> MB/s.
> My exports/mount settings did not change and the hardware is obviously the 
> same.
> Any idea where I should start looking for resolving this ?

Try reading the basic documentation that comes with 5.2-BETA, for
example the /usr/src/UPDATING file, which tells you clearly that
performance is not expected to be good unless you disable the standard
debugging options.  Also make sure you read the 5.x Early Adopter's
Guide, available on the website.


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