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Quoting Vince Hoffman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

I'm going to move move my sendmail server to a new machine.
figure out is how to migrate the users (and keep the old passwords).
Does anyone know of a procedure to extract plain text passwords for
all users ? Or maybe just pointers where to look.

Either try john the ripper or similar password crackers. (ports or

Why would you want to have the cleartext passwords for all users to be able to migrate? What you could do is start 'vipw' as root on the original server, save that file to disk under a different name, start 'vipw' on the new server, and read in the saved file, and save it again.

Next you'd have to make sure the groups are in tact. Either copy it
(/etc/group), or manually set it to the correct values.

That should do the trick. That is, IF your new server is a fresh FBSD install.


The problem is I need to put the users in a database (virtual mail users).
So I need to crypt the passwords with the database crypt function.


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