* Martin Moeller:

> I'm a little  bit confused because of the enormous  number of terminal
> types available. I'm  mainly working  on the console  so cons25  is my
> default terminal type.

Setting TERM to cons25 is okay.  It does not prevent you to have colors.
In mutt,  you must  define the  colors yourself,  see file  attached for
example setup.

> Yesterday, I used  putty/ssh to connect to my machine  and used elinks
> on  it.   With astonishment  I  realised  that elinks  used  different
> colours and looked very nice. So I wondered why it didn't show up like
> this when using my console.

I just tested with "w3m www.freebsd.org"  on the console, there are blue
colors for  links, green for  images, and red  for forms.  It  should be

> putty was using  "linux" as terminal type, not  cons25. Happily, I set
> "linux"  my preferred  terminal,  but now  mutt's  display is  totally
> screwed up.

Well, you  cannot set TERM  arbitrarily.  The underlying  terminal won't
probably support the escape sequences  produced by the curses library if
you use another TERM setting from your actual terminal.

Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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