Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:

I have a machine that randomly crashes. I wonder if lowering

Variable         Default      Description
kern.filedelay   30           time to delay syncing files
kern.dirdelay    29           time to delay syncing directories
kern.metadelay   28           time to delay syncing metadata

would help having a more up-to-date fs (using soft-updates).

You can reduce these settings in order to narrow the window which you would lose data in if the system crashed. However, it is important that you keep the numerical order of these variables.

Also is there a reason for the 30-29-28 (the 1 differece between)
sequence ?

It gives a FS w/soft-updates its crash resilience, by ensuring the order of disk updates for these three data types. Meta data first, then directory data, and finally the actual file contents.

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