I'm wondering if the following situation would be possible:

  I have a small LAN (one server, three workstations) and want to fully
encrypt it (since it's quite easy for somebody to plug into my switch --
I'm at university and the machines are in my room).

  What I would like is for my server (FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE) to only
accept IPSEC encrypted packets on the range, say,  Anything above 24 can talk without IPSEC, but
all sorts of insecure services are firewalled off.

  This seems a nice way to do things to me (although I am very open to
suggestions) but I have little idea how I would mandate IPSEC packets.
I currently have IPSEC ESP/transparent between my server and a
workstation so I could easily expand this to more machines.

  Thanks very much,


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