I found out, that md wasn't loaded as a module and not compiled into the kernel.
MD_LOAD="YES" in /boot/loader.conf fixed the problem.


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On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 01:02:09 +0100, Ronald Klop <ronald_at_echteman_dot_nl> wrote:


Today I noticed my mfs on /tmp not mounting properly, because of the order of the entries in fstab.
Mfs can't be mounted too early. Is this meant to be or should there be a second stage for this mount, just like nfs mounts which are deferred until after the network is up.

I saw it is documented in one line in 'man fstab', that order is important, but not many examples about this.

Running 5.2-BETA cvsupped today on P-II 400Mhz (UP), 256 MB, IDE.

It still fails with: mfs: mdconfig (attach) exited with error code 1 Mounting /etc/fstab filesystems failed, startup aborted

Any hints? Same experiences?


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