I do have an issue with FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE (i386) and a serial console. I can see the boot messages, console messages and a login prompt. I can type a username, after that it shows the password prompt and at that point things stop working as expected.

After a while 'ps' shows that the login is the front-process (1059 in the output below) for ttyd0 but it becomes idle regardless any console input:

# ps -ef | grep login
  483  v0  Is     0:00.02  login [pam] (login)
 1059  d0  I<s+   0:00.01  login

When I kill the login process the 'getty process' is started as front-process for ttyd0:

# ps -ef | grep ttyd0
 1085  d0  Ss+    0:00.00  /usr/libexec/getty std.9600 ttyd0

Again the login prompt appears in the terminal connected to the serial console.

ps also shows that the login process raised CPU scheduling priority ('<'). Tests show that this process does that when waiting for a password in a VGA-console. So I guess the login process is waiting for a password but somehow it does not receive anything from the serial port. Hense it becomes idle.

However, console messages (like: "login: Nov 29 21:37:46 cyclone login: ROOT LOGIN (root) ON ttyv1") are redirected fine to the serial console.

Does anyone have an idea what might go wrong here?

Thanks in advance, Arien

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