I have an Ibm Thinkpad 560x with usb cd and extern floppydrive.

I have copied whole installation cd no 1 onto the harddisk via windows98 and 
the usb cd port.

Then I have booted with kern.flp and mfsroot.flp, and set everything up with 

I have used relevant tools, and made a partition for windows of some 1.7 gb, 
and some 4.5 gb for freebsd.

I have used fdisk and made the freebsd slice 2 bootable, 

and with disk label editor set following up:

/windows   1.7 gb   ad0s1

/   256 mb   ad0s2a

swap    256 mb    ad0s2b

/var    1000 mb    ad0s2d

/usr    2000 mb   ad0s2e

Case 1.

When I then start the installation via dos media, I get following messages:

error mounting /dev/ad0s1 on /dist.

Case 2.

Then I have formatted some 36 floppied, and copied all /freebsd/base filed 
onto those floppies.

When I start the installation via floppy media, i get following message:

No floppy devices found! Please check that your system's configuration is 
correct. For more information ........

I have spend some 2 weeks on this project, reading the Handbook, and searched 
freebsd.org mailing archive, but cannot find any solution!

If somebody please could help, I would be very grateful *smiling*   :-)


[EMAIL PROTECTED]    (My name is Niels, living in Sweden)
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