At 12:26 AM -0600 11/27/03, Charles Howse wrote:

I have an HP1100 printer that I set up on machine "moe" with apsfilter, and is working perfectly.

I'm trying to setup machine "larry" to print text only to the
printer on  "moe", but I'm not getting anywhere.  Jobs get
into the local spool, but time out waiting on the remote
machine to "come up".  I can ping the remote  machine with
no difficulty.

I have the following in /etc/hosts.lpd:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat /etc/hosts.lpd
# $FreeBSD: src/etc/hosts.lpd,v 1.4 1999/08/27 23:23:42 peter Exp $
# See lpd(8)

Here's larry's /etc/printcap:


In your /etc/hosts.lpd file, you specify a fully-qualified name for 'larry'. But in your printcap file, you specified only 'moe', and not something like ''.

That seems a bit inconsistent to me, but I assume it is not
too important.

To me, it looks like lpd is not accepting remote connections
on moe.  That would happen if lpd is not being started during
system startup, or if you have started it up with the '-s'
("secure") flag.  What do you see if you type the following
command on moe:

ps axuww | grep lpd

And what startup-variables do you find on moe if you type
the following command:

grep lpd /etc/defaults/rc.conf /etc/rc.conf

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