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At 06:33 PM 11/29/2003, Steve Bertrand wrote:

What command are you using to send the mail?

FreeB sendmail [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hello there [dot] FreeB mail Mail version 8.1 6/6/93. Type ? for help. "/var/mail/Marty": 0 messages & q FreeB

Are you sending to an actual domain on the box?

Huh? (warned you I didn't know my shirt from my socks). I have a root acct and user acct (Marty) and the /etc/hosts file has defined my ip as SwamiSalami. The root account does get its mail, but attempts to send mail to Marty fail.

Depending on how you are sending mail, you may need to set up local-hosts and relay-domains files. Let us know your

I won't even try to answer, will just make me sound even more foolish.

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