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I purchased SAMS FreeBSD (4.7) in 24 Hours and everything is pretty clear,
except there isn't any example (neither on freebsd.org) that precisely
reflects my hardware configuration, namely..

Pentium II w/ orig 10GB HDD (now clean install WIN98SE) + 2d (HDD01) 40GB
HDD which is not bootable, used only for backup (local and LAN). My updated
hp Phoenix BIOS v 1.09 w/LBA support recognised the second hard drive w/o
problem and it works fine.

I was hoping that I could partition only the 2d hard drive and install the
boot manager included on the CD (easy boot I guess) on the 2d hard drive,
until I read the FAQs online that mentioned this boot manager uses the MBR -
which must be located on the original, bootable hard drive (I have never
used a boot manager unless Windows 98 Start-up Menu qualifies).

But then I noticed a reference (link above) to booting from DOS using
FBSDBOOT.EXE and that got me to wondering if I could just partition  of the
2d hard drive for FreeBSD, install FreeBSD on that partition and then boot
to it using the Windows 98 Start-up Menu / DOS. Would FBSDBOOT.EXE find the
BSD partition on the 2d hard drive? Would I just locate FBSDBOOT.EXE on the
Windows partition of the 2d hard drive?

Of course I'm trying to avoid partitioning the orig hard drive w/ WIN98SE,
and I'd like to use the slave hard drive for both WIN98 backup and FreeBSD.
Thank you.


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