At 1:12 PM +0000 11/30/03, Stacey Roberts wrote:
     Some time ago, I saw a thread on this list that had
concluded that the adduser facility in FreeBSD had been
amended so that samba machine accounts can be created
with the required "$" at the end of the desired machine
user name.

The 'pw' command was changed in freebsd-current to allow a '$' to be the last character of a userid or group name. This was done in January, and MFC-ed to freebsd-stable in February.

This change is more significant in freebsd-current than
freebsd-stable, because 'adduser' is a perl-script in
freebsd-stable.  It does not use the 'pw' command.  In
freebsd-current, 'adduser' was rewritten (because perl
is no longer in the base system), and the rewrite
depends on the 'pw' command.

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