At 03:20 PM 11/30/2003, Melvyn Sopacua wrote:

> Interesting. /etc/resolv.conf has last been changed like 10 minutes ago
> [not knowingly by me though]. All it says is
> search
> nameserver

Looks like a DHCP layout. Are you running dhclient (ie: have
ifconfig_IFACE="DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf)?

Nope, just an ifconfig_ep0 assignment for my nic.

> Since my workstation is and also shares its internet
> connection on my lan via ics from and its ip addr on the lan is as shown,
> what's up do you think?

I think typing:

*on that machine* doesn't give a valid ip address or an adress that is not on
the workstation.

Actually I got the corrent ip's for each of my four windoz boxes by querying each with their name on

Since you're refering to 'ics' I guess you're gateway is an MS box and doesn't
run DNS or a DNS forwarder at best.

Right, I think. It's a windoz xp home edition box getting dns via dial-up. At least I think I'm saying that correctly.

These do not resolve the local hostname on the machine itself, which is what
mod_unique_id tries to do though.

The apache manual entry for mod_unique_id didn't say a whole lot. This must be a default and I wonder if it's something I will eventually miss. What's it do, or can you point to a more in depth explanation I can read?

If you need to start first, rename it to:

Don't know whether I needed it but did. Didn't help apache to be able to run mod_unique_id but then you probably already knew that. :)

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