On 11/25/03 22:06, David Gerard wrote:

 Has anyone got gaim 0.71 or later working on FreeBSD 4.x? What did
 you do to get it working?

The answer, short form: Sacrifice Linuxism-infested w33n0rs to the
Great God Knuth.

Ha! Only kidding. [*] The answer, longer form:

Gaim requires perl 5.8 or higher just to be installed - its 'l33t++
custom configurator thingy requires it. The 5.005 that comes
with FreeBSD 4.8 is not sufficient.

- cvsupit your ports
- install Perl 5.8.1 (we installed from the package, it works fine)
- make install Gaim
- make deinstall/make install libatk and libgtk along the way (we did
actually have the right versions installed - it just didn't *think* we did)
- force install on Gaim (it won't actually let you remove the old version)
- put in a symlink from libatk-1.0.so.400 to libatk-1.0.so.200, because
the install process trashes the latter.

The answer, as just ranted in my LiveJournal:

- d.

[*] I would need to catch them first.

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