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K Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> To many unknowns.
> I have a dual p200 with around 196 meg of ram and the usual services 
> running and I would get coughs and sputters on and off. Also mplayer 
> will let you know if your system is slow when you play it. If it does 
> work unacceptably then maybe shutdown some services, use a window 
> manager that uses low resources. You might be able to use the svga (or 
> what ever that driver is called) driver so that you don't have to use X. 
> Another tip might be to burn the AVI to CD or a file system that is not 
> part of the primary HD so that you don't have bottle necks with swap 
> files and other stuffs during the IO process.

A few other things that can done to possibly help include turning on frame drop
and if your gfx card supports xv use that too. The xv should be used by defualt
thought unless the config file has been changed. Not sure about that card

Xine also may be worth looking into. From what I've seen it generally eats less
cpu time than mplayer.

Never tried it on a 100MHz Pentium befor, the slowest I have ever tried it on
was a 200MHz pentium. It ran decently.
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