I'm very happy to have moved my entire network to BSD 5.1.  The installation was a 

I have only one comment and that is this:

in 1999 when I installed first Red Hat 5.0 and then 5.2, I was required to select my 
video card from a list and to find a set of specifications that matched my monitor 
unless its name was on the list.

By the time I changed to Mandrake 6.5 a short while later, that issue had been 
resolved and until this installation I had never again been asked any questions of any 
kind about hardware devices.

It seems to me that this is your weakest point.  I have almost zero use for KDE.  I 
wanted it mainly to burn CDs using their tools.  I'm a command line person, so it's 
not any inconvenience on a day to day basis, but until I can either buy a new monitor 
so I have the necessary data to answer your inquiries, or until I make a lucky guess, 
I will not be able to configure an X server and that is truly unfortunate in the year 

Happy Thanksgiving one and all and a Merry Christmas is just around the corner.
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