> What might be the reasons for this behaviour? - I can't see any
> error messages on the screen.

You may need to change the log level in smb.conf to catch more
information.  It's also very difficult to impossible to help much
without at least samba and FreeBSD versions.  What's in your
smb and nmb logs? What hardware?  What does your smb.conf look like?

I'm currently running samba (2.2.x) under 4.9-STABLE and I'm not seeing
this kind of lockup.  There are a lot of system jobs set off by cron
early in the morning by default and you may have a hardware problem that
doesn't show up until the load is heavy, or a resource problem that
only occurs under heavy load.  Are you running backups over the
network?  Have you tried copying large files (more than 1GB) to see
if there are problems?

What does "netstat -i" show - should be zero errors.

I use an old NetWare utility called TESTNET.EXE which runs in a DOS
box on a PC and writes arbitrarily large sequential files to any
drive.  Earlier combinations of samba and FreeBSD had problems with
"oplocks" which caused connections to crash, but that hasn't been
a problem for years at this point.

> Would it make sense to set up a cron job that does a reboot in
> the early morning?

As a last resort, should not be necessary.

Mike Squires
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