Good morning,

I gave up on doing the update from 4.9-5.1 and
downloaded the 5.1 mini.iso and got everything
installed ok.  Not sure yet whether it will help with
my pccard or not.  My integrated touchpad and PS/2
port work great with 4.9, but seem to be completely
disabled.  I havenít found anything via google about
this problem, and I was wondering if there was
something I need to enable in the kernel, etc.  I need
the GUI to work on this laptop for it to be worth
anything for what I use it for.  Anyone else come
across this?


Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
(952) 403-9000

P.S. Is there some reason my emails all seem to be
rejected, no matter where I send them from?  I have
tried my accounts with [EMAIL PROTECTED],
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and they ALL get rejected
with the error: 550-Message content rejected.


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