Quoting Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> >I would understand if the RAID10 array was as fast as IDE, or faster,
> >but i'm a bit amazed by these results. The RAID10 array was built on 4x
> >36.7gb Ultra320 SCSI disks, connected to an Adaptec 39320D Ultra320 
> >SCSI adapter, which is a PCI-X card, configured in a PCI-X slot.
> Try creating the same vinum set using 4 ATA100 disks and see what 
> happens when compared to your UeberSCSI vinum set...

Thing is, I don't have 4 of the same sized disks available to try this
out. And the overall results people post on the web is that vinum RAID
is way faster than normal disks, so I am very curious as to what I might
have done wrong...

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