> >   The problem was that the new XP partition, not
Oops, mistype: I was talking about the new FreeBSD

> The second stage FreeBSD boostrap program, "boot2",
> assumes that the the
> slice being booted is the FreeBSD slice with the
> active partition flag
> set or (if no FreeBSD slice has the active partition
> flag) the first
> FreeBSD slice.  If you have two FreeBSD slices on a
> single disk and your
> MBR (master bootstrap record) program does not
> rewrite the MBR with the
> active flag set for the selected slice before it
> runs boot2, either
> because you have disabled that feature with the
> boot0cfg command or
> because you are not using the FreeBSD boot0 MBR
> program, then boot2
> could very easily try to boot the wrong slice.
> If I understand your email, you must have run afoul
> of the fragile
> assumptions made by boot2.  What program were you
> using for the master
> bootstrap?  Do you know which slice had the active
> partition flag?

I am using the Debian lilo in MBR to select which os I
should boot.
Initially was:
ad0s1 XP                       * marked as bootable
ad0s2Swap Debian
Debian /
FreeBSD (swap, /)        * marked as bootable

Everything was fine. I needed space for FreeBSD, so
went into /stand/sysinstall and delete XP; recreate a
new FreeBSD slice, press W to save it into MBR, forgot
the pesky "bootable" flag, return to FreeBSD, and
before creating any partition in the new FreeBSD
slice, now first, I rebooted.

In MBR I had:

FreeBSD (no slices)      * marked as bootable
Swap Debian
Debian /
FreeBSD (swap, /)        * marked as bootable

In this moment, the FreeBSD doesn't boot anymore. From
fixit/live cd, I reset the bootable flag for first
slice and the system booted finely well.
I was hoping that I can specify in the boot2 prompt
the correct partition, on ad0s4

> Dan Strick

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