Sorry for replying again, but I succeed to press
"send" while editing the previous reply :((( (press
tab + space -> send, ooops)
I hope I included all the relevant information in my
previous reply.

To finish, I was wondering if I can specify in boot2
prompt which is the correct slice&partition to use for

If my assumptions are correct, in expression

^  ^ ^ ^   ^
|  | | |   |
|  | | |   - the path inside the partition
|  | | |
|  | | - partition in slice 
|  | |
|  | - ??? is this the slice #, drive # ???
|  - refers to driver
- refers to the disk unit 

If no RTFM is available, point me to the source files.
I am not familiar with the FreeBSD kernel sources, but
I'll have no problem reading some code.

Thank you again,


PS2. Does anybody has a clue why the FreeBSD
associates the slice # 2 (i.e. ad0s2) for the PT entry
Initially, I had
ad0s1   XP
 -      not used, reserved space
 -      not used, reserved space
ad0s2   FreeBSD (swap, /)

I have installed Debian swap and / in entries 2 and 3,
and the FreeBSD associated the (correct) numbers:

ad0s1   XP
ad0s2   Debian swap
ad0s3   Debian /
ad0s4   FreeBSD (swap, /)

This made the FreeBSD boot process to fail until I
"fixit" the /etc/fstab to mount the correct root
partition.  At that time, I was also unable to specify
in boot2 prompt (?) where my / is.

My opinion is that if the PT entry # corresponding to
the PT entry were used in the first place, this
problem will be avoid.  Probably this reflects a
superficial view, but for a simple HDD configuration
this make sense to me. Thanks again for any

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