Somewhere around the time of 12/01/2003 03:32, the world stopped and
listened as Rob contributed this to humanity:

>>From line 99 of /usr/src/sbin/init/init.c,
>   #define DEATH_SCRIPT  120  /* wait for 2min for /etc/rc.shutdown */
> and on line 1576 it looks like you can change this with the sysctl
> 'kern.shutdown_timeout'.
> But 2 minutes is a long time for a shell script - are you sure that
> everything is working correctly?

The problem is that a script needs to do something and
it's not doing it.  Works fine if I execute the script normally from the
command line though using the approperiate parameters that ppp would
send it.  It seems that init is killing the script before the script can
finish, which is the problem.

BTW, that oid, kern.shutdown_timeout does not exist.  I'm running

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>>How does one allocate more time for /etc/rc.shutdown?  It seems that
>>some of my scripts are not being executed when the system shuts down or
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