At 21:40 -0500 12/01/2003, Aaron Myles Landwehr wrote:
>I have the same problem with my asus p4s8x mobo on freebsd 4.9 and
>prior....If i disable dma the cd will boot.;
>5.1 works correctly(with dma enabled).
>from the cases i've seen...they all include an ASUS motherboard...

I didn't have any trouble with the cd booting.  I've got it
set up as my secondary ata master.  It sees my ad0 fine, and
then hangs before showing the drive type for ad1.

This post had ad0 hang using a GA - 8SG800 motherboard.
Maybe also an nforce2 chipset?

I could swear there were others, but the only ones that I could
find quickly were about cdrom problems, not hard drives.

>... 4.9 hangs on boot with: ...
> > ad1: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - resetting
>> ata0: resetting devices
>> I've seen what looks like similar problems in the archives (e.g.,
>> It seems to happen on various motherboards and disk configurations.
> > I wanted to provide another datapoint for configurations.

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