I would like to know whether anyone has any idea on how to set the redial option in 
ppp on freebsd to no-redial.  I have checked the man page and tried various options. 
Setting the redial number to 0, means infinite redials, till it connects. I dont want 
that. You cannot set the value to a negative number, i also tried that. I  want to 
turn off all redialing, not have it at like 1, cause as soon as it does reconnect, the 
redial counter is cleared, so if it makes a succesful connection, and is then cutoff, 
and makes a new connection, in less than a second or so, it will do this ad-infinitum. 
Which is not what i want.

My setup is freebsd 4.9-pre1.
Using ppp and isdnd - 128k ISDN line, with an internal asuscom isdn-ta adapter, pci.

If anyone has any clues, please email me at
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