Quoting Greg 'groggy' Lehey ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> > But still, I doubt if bonnie++ is a good test, and I have a hard time
> > interpreting the results. I can publish the results somewhere, in a
> > while.
> Yes, bonnie++ tests the entire system, not just the disk.
> Try benchmarks/rawio.

That might explain why bonnie++ results were quite similar on IDE as on
SCSI. I just ran rawio on the plain IDE disk, and the RAID10 vinum
volume, and now results *ARE* 'astonishing' :)

        Random read  Sequential read  Random write  Sequential write
ID      K/sec  /sec  K/sec  /sec      K/sec  /sec       K/sec  /sec
IDE      1860.4  72   6799.4 415       1314.9 158        5914.3 361
VINUM   12008.3 724  14972.7 914      12072.5 726       13710.0 837

Thanks for all your help Greg!

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