On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Xpression wrote:

> Hi all, I'm under FreeBSD-4.5, I've to made changes to a
> Cisco2509 router, I've checked the handbook and I can get
> any clues using the serial port to connect to the router,
> anyone using it, or can give me any clues ???


Well, in normal cases you have two async (RS-232) Ports on the 2509,
which are used to connect to a standard serial line.
Most Ciscos use roll-over-cables (the supplied blue ones), you can also
use a 9-pin rolling adapter from cyclades or sun netra on the Pc, and
connect a standard straight CAT5-cable.

Then use a standard terminal program like cu, tip, minicom or kermit to
connect at 9600 8N1 to the cisco.


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