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> how I can create a src and ports mirror ???

Most people would use cvsup(1) to do that -- for files kept under CVS
control, it's actually more efficient than rsync(1), since it can
transfer exactly the diff's between versions of a file.  (In the case
of non-text files that don't make very good diff's it actually uses
precisely the rsync algorithm).



If you absolutely have to use rsync, then some of the FreeBSD mirrors
do support rsync -- closest to you is ftp3.br.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/
but the FreeBSD stuff is hidden several directories deep:

    % rsync rsync://ftp3.br.FreeBSD.org/ftp/pub/FreeBSD/

see also:

If you want a local copy of the entire FreeBSD cvs repository, rather
than just checked out copies of the ports and src trees, install the
net/cvsup-mirror port.  This will run an interactive script that lets
you configure mirroring of the repository.  Nb. you should get
clearance from the upstream mirror that you copy the stuff from before
setting this up.  Also please consider if you really do need to have
the full repository or not: you'll need it only if you're doing
significant development work on FreeBSD itself, or if you will be
acting as a mirror server providing sources for a reasonably large
population of other FreeBSD users.



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