Peter Rosa wrote:

Hello again,

of course, everything was there:
dmesg - YES
ifconfig - YES
rc.conf - YES

But, whenever the machine boots, ifconfig returns:
rl0: flags 8843 <snip> mtu 1500
    inet netmask <snip>
    ether <snip>
    media <snip>
    status: active
rl1: flags 8843 <snip> mtu 1500
    ether <snip>
    media <snip>
    status: no carrier

Both have the same flags. Second has no IP/MSK/BCAST.

ifconfig rl1 netmask always returns
config: ioctl (SIOCIFADDR): File exists

What could be wrong ?

It is the same when I xchange both cards/use another PCI slots.


Try putting the second NIC on a second subnet. IIRC FreeBSD doesn't support multiple adaptors on the same network.


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