AFAIK the subject's accurate, best I could do anyway.

Here's what I get on /var/log/httpd-error.log when running a program I wrote which works on other webservers (that I didn't set up):

[Wed Dec 03 16:29:10 2003] [error] [client] Can't locate object method "new" via package "Net::FTP::A" at /usr/libdata/perl/5.00503/mach/IO/ line 253., referer: http://swamisalami/cgibin/

In the course of porting this code to my local sandbox I ran into a compile error stemming from Net::FTP, a Perl package not present on my box. Since I'm ignorant of how to upgrade my Perl install I just kept going to and manually installing whatever package sources the compiler complained about until it stopped complaining. It was a pita and turns out not done properly anyhow, or so it seems.

If this makes sense then I think where I stand now is that I've broken my Perl install and need to fix it, in particular must reinstall Net::FTP and any of its dependencies. Maybe now's the time I need to actually learn something more about ports than just make build; make install. FWIW I'm running "perl, version 5.005_03 built for i386-freebsd" under FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE installed (including Perl) from the mini-iso.

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