On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Zhang Weiwu wrote:

>Hello. I'm running pcm on Thinkpad 600 (FreeBSD 4.9 RC3) without any
>It looks like your kernel is compiled with option PNPBIOS, these devices
>that "unknown, cannot assign resources" are  unknown PNP devices,
>usually of no importantance (from my previous experience). These PNP
>devices seems have nothing to do with pcm0, they are just luckly to be
>printed right after pcm.
>Try to play some music, use mixer(8). Perhaps you already have a working

/dev/mixer is not present, nor are any other sound devices (except
sndstat; and a quick less -f sndstat shows no devices installed).
Attempting to play an mp3 via xmms fails (since /dev/dsp doesn't exist).
Were I running one of the older trees, I would say that I need to run sh
MAKEDEV snd0, but that seems to be gone from 5.x.

I would be interested in seeing precisely the lines you put into your
kernel regarding sound.

Unless there is some obvious thing I failed to do, I shall move my
question over to FreeBSD-mobile.

Thanks for the help.

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