rotten rottie wrote:

I am a linux user that wants to switch to freebsd... I am a bit confused

about applying updates etc..

I installed a box for trial it was 5.1, I wanted to see if I could use
ports to update openssh for a test examp. After the port installed I noticed
that another version of openssh was installed on the system. I talked with a
friend and he said that it was part of usr/src and I could update it by
compiling the usr.bin version.. which was fine and worked. Here are my

1) if there are two trees(lack of better words) why would ssh exist in
both the system tree and the ports tree ? Wouldnt it be better to have it in
the ports tree ?

1st question ... I dunno, but somebody will likely tell you why
soon enough; it seems that I recall that there is an answer, at least...
2nd question ... if it were only in the ports tree, that would
likely violate the POLA ... if you set up a server, don't you *expect*
to have ssh available?

2) I have used gentoo in the past and am curious if there is something
simular to emerge -up world/system -- I would like to cvs the ports/sys
and then be able to see if anything need upgrading .. is this possible ?

I'm not familiar with gentoo, but AFAIK it's much like FBSD.

Updating the system is basically
$make buildworld
$make buildkernel
$make installkernel
$make installworld

(Now, there are few options I left out, but you get the idea...)

For ports, I'd use portupgrade (which is in ports).  I wish
I'd known about it when I started with FBSD ... handles
most everything automagically.  Dru Lavigne's got an
excellent article at ....

3) Say there was a update to openssh .. which would be the proper way to
update .. sync the sys tree and then just update ssh .. or sync the tree
and recompile the system ? or remove the sys version and install the port
version and update the port ?

I am very happy with freebsd .. Im still in the exploring stage .. The
reasons for my questions is that I am a little weary of using freebsd in
production if I dont easily know when updates are avail, having to
recompile the system everytime I need a patch for a service.

Thanks for helping me convert,

Well, IIRC, when the OpenSSH advisory came out, there were guys using all of those options...

Take a look at the security advisories on the site.  Almost always
there's a patch available for "production" machines.  If you're
tracking -STABLE like I do (even on prod. boxen) then buildworld
is easy enough for me....

HTH, Welcome to FBSD!

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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