On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Rob wrote:
> However, I am getting totally stuck in the amd manuals. Are the amd manuals
> really that bad, or is it me?
> For example:
> The FreeBSD handbook mentions amd in one sentence, by referring to the
> manual pages of amd and amd.conf. So all I have are the manual pages
> on the amd commands and files. The amd manual talks about a map file,
> but there's nowhere information to be found on what the structure of
> such a map file is.
> Is the creation of the amd-map file too trivial, or so complicated that
> nobody dares explaining it....?
> Anyone who can point me to better help on this?

While FreeBSD's man pages are usually extremely detailed, I have found
that there is a layer of documentation - more complex and detailed than
the Handbook, but more generalized and less in-depth than the man pages -
that is simply missing in the FreeBSD world.  The layer that would be
occupied in Linux-land by the HOWTOs is made up of scattered web pages,
mailing lists like this one, and newsgroups.

Anyway, I found this very helpful for automounting:


below is my /etc/amd.map file, which mounts 2 CD-ROM drives, a floppy, and
a Zip drive.  (Pretty much just like the article above.)

# $FreeBSD: src/etc/amd.map,v 1.8 1999/09/13 17:09:07 peter Exp $
/defaults       type:=host;fs:=${autodir}/${rhost}/host;rhost:=${key}
*               opts:=rw,grpid,resvport,vers=2,proto=udp,nosuid,nodev

localhost       type:=auto;fs:=${map};pref:=${key}/

localhost/cdrom type:=program;fs:=/mnt/cdrom;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/cdrom";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/cdrom"

localhost/cdrom2        type:=program;fs:=/mnt/cdrom2;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/cdrom2";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/cdrom2"

localhost/zip   type:=program;fs:=/mnt/zip;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/zip";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/zip"

localhost/floppy        type:=program;fs:=/mnt/floppy;\
                mount:="/sbin/mount mount /mnt/floppy";\
                unmount:="/sbin/umount umount /mnt/floppy"

David Fleck

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