> From: Michael E. Mercer

> The drive that can not be found is a
> Western Digital WD Enterprise 4360
> 4.3 GB Wide-Ultra SCSI

> I have removed the second SCSI controller card (PCI) and
>  the Seagate SCSI Hard Drive.

It's been a while--but if you're saying you removed the drive that fbsd
sees and you installed on, and the system still boots, then you indeed
have a raid array with 2 drives, ie a mirror. Or you _had_ an array. You
now have a broken mirror. Please post a new dmesg.

Also noticed from your original dmesg:

ccd0-3: Concatenated disk drivers

which I've never used but makes me suspicious. ;-)

iirc compaq 800's have a separate raid configuration utility for
managing a hardware array. Check the HP/Compaq site and you may find it
for d/l.

> All that remains is the On-motherboard scsi controller and the
> western digital SCSI drive.

And freebsd (looked like it)  installed on the Seagate/Compaq drive?

> The Compaq Configuration Utility sees the drive.
> But FreeBSD does not.

Hopefully I'm not missing something obvious, but seems to me you've
broken the mirror by removing a drive and will have to rebuild it using
compaq's raid utility. See if you can find it.



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