Dominick DiMantova wrote:


My name is Dominick DiMantova and I have a question, or two:

1. what is the difference in either purchasing the media or downloading
the software? If I want to download the software, when I go to one of the
ftp sites, I'm looking at the ste with alot of folders; how do I know what
I need to download?

Before committing too much time and energy, grab the FBSD handbook and read a few chapters. (english version, multiple formats)

If you are thinking of downloading a CD, then you're looking
for an "ISO image" file.  IIRC, there are some folders or links to
folders fairly clearly marked according to system architecture;
for Intel (PC compatible) machines, look for "i386".  After that,
the catch would be, "do I want 4.x, or 5.x" and, after that's
decided, there are a couple of other options such as
"the MINI ISO", the "standard ISO", etc.

My preferred method of installing FBSD is stated on the
home page. "You need 2 freshly formatted floppies and these instructions...."

2. Is X Windows a separate product or does it come bundled with freebsd?

A seperate product. If you create a FBSD box via the Internet, some additional bandwidth/time will be necessary to add X to the system. If you buy a FBSD CD set, you should have sufficient materials on those CD's to create a working FBSD+ X Windows system without much 'Net connectivity.



Dominick DiMantova


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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