On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER wrote:

> I've worked with ProLiant servers and with FreeBSD RAID, but not on the
> same box.  Basically, as I understand it, you should use the Compaq
> SmartStart Array Configuration Utility to create the RAID1 (mirror)
> array.   The array controller will then present the RAID set as one
> logical drive to the OS.  The total logical size will be the size of one
> (1) of the drives.  Using a Promise RAID controller, dmesg listed the
> device ar0 for the logical RAID set and the devices ad4 and ad6 for the
> low-level RAID components.  The ar0 partition is what is carved up and
> installed to.  Hope this helps...

Sorry, haven't followed the beginning of this thread closely enough, but
which compaq machine/revision of it are you running?

I also had some old 1850, which wasn't nice in regard to the software
based RAID in old days...

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