On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 08:37:52PM -0500, camuflag wrote:
> Honourable Mr Park
> My name is Ziad Fazah.Indeed, I have already emailed you twice, 
> concerning the non-possibility of Freebsd installation version 4.7. But 
> after having installed Freebsd version 4.9, I got disappointed at 
> Freebsd Kernel, because it didn't recognize my sound card and the 
> ethernet controller. 

The GERNIC kernel doesn't detect any soundcart. You have to build you
own version that does. You can read how to do this in the FreeBSD
handbook (www.freebsd.org/handbook). Its to book to read if you have a
problem with something.

About hardware support: not all hardware is supported. If you ethernet
card doesn't work and you didn't cut any out of the kernel, then its
proberbly not gonna work. www.freebsd.org has a link on the top rigth
that tell you what hardware is and what is not supported.

> Thus, I am asking you, whether there have been new 
> switches on version 5.1 , referring  to its kernel. Unfortunately, I 
> couldn't install it, due to the fact of having stopped immediately by 
> announcing: Unknown cards. Thus, I checked out all irqs, and afterwards, 
> I realized that my network card and the network sound hadn't been 
> recognized by Freebsd. What a deception!! 

No body have told you that FreeBSD support all the availeble hardware.
I'm sorry that you see it like this, but it far from the truth.


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