On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 10:02:19AM +0300, Lev Klimin wrote:
> Good morning!
> I have 4.9-release. I'm having little problem with time. I live in
> Russia on Moscow-west+00 time. My clock is local. My timezome is
> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Moscow.
> To resolve this trouble I see following:
> 1. Say FreeBSD that my clock is local.
> 2. Set timezone.

You mean that the CMOS clock is set to local time?  That is only
necessary when you have non-Unix OSes installed on the machine.

The CMOS clock is also known as the BIOS clock -- it operates on
battery independently of the system being up or down, and independent
of whatever OS you're using.

The default setting of the CMOS clock to UTC gives best results -- you
should use that setting unless you have good reason not to.

If your CMOS clock isn't set to UTC, you should have an empty file
called /etc/wall_cmos_clock, and you need to run adjkerntz(8)
occasionally to update the CMOS clock from the kernel clock (which
always runs UTC) -- amongst other things this will deal with changing
the clock at the beginning/end of daylight savings time. This should
be handled automatically via /etc/crontab.

> I used for it /stand/sysinstall. But FreeBSD think that clock is GMT,
> not local.
> Let's now 9:46:03 in Moscow
> #date
> 12:46:03 (MSK)

Try using /usr/sbin/tzsetup to set the timezone -- it will be quite
familiar to you from sysinstall(8).
> #zdump /usr/share/timezone/Europe/Moscow
> /usr/share/timezone/Europe/Moscow Fri Dec 5 12:46:07 2003 MSK
> #diff /etc/localtime /usr/share/timezone/Europe/Moscow
> Why my FreeDSD work on GMT and not on localtime?

Sounds like CMOS clock is actually running UTC.  If you really have to
set it to wall-clcock time, try setting the kernel clcock date/time
correctly using date(1), and then run 'adjkerntz -a' to set the CMOS
clock from the kernel clock.  Or you can set the CMOS clock from the
BIOS setup screens.



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