> Hi,
> I am wondering why there was 4.9 release if the newest one it 
> 5.1. Whick 
> is better I am currently on 5.1. It's a little confusing. 
> Well there be 
> a 4.10 and 5.2 release at the same time?

A lot of people are going to give you an RTFM style response back to the
install instructions on www.freebsd.org to this question but to be a little
more helpful:

FreeBSD is released with two trains of code. STABLE and CURRENT.

CURRENT as the name suggests has cutting edge code and aspects of it will be
untested in the wider user community. 5.1 is the latest release in the
CURRENT train.

STABLE as the name suggests is stable code that has been widely used and
should be bug free (as far as this is possible with software). 4.9 is the
latest release in the STABLE train.

If you want cutting edge, install current and be aware of the caveats of
using it.

If you have a production server install stable.

At some point in the future I'm assuming there will be a 5.X release as part
of the STABLE train.

Me personally, I've always stuck with stable and appreciate it for that. The
only time I've had a stability problem with the stable code is when using
the NVIDIA driver, which naturally can't be attributed to the BSD code

PS: Great name

Phil Payne.
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