Hi all. can someone please explain this to me:

# examples, blah
# my devices/perms/etc
perm mdctl 0660
own  mctl user:operator
[/code] I can create md* without any issues, but if I add this:
perm md* 0660
own md* user:operator
perm md0 0660
own md0 user:operator

it defaults to root:operator when I do say
mdconfig -a -t vnode -f example.iso
, and I'm unable to mount it without either becoming root, or mounting it
with sudo, which I thought was the point of devfs.conf in the first place
(to set userland permissions on devices so that non root users could 
mount/dismount them if needed)?

is thier some undocumented <blah>.conf or sysctl variable that I'm just not finding, 
or is devfs.conf fundamentally broken for 'dynamic' devices (ie: it can't understand 
wildcards, or even handle me plugging in or creating another device, i.e:USB keyfob
, or mounting a ISO image, while the machine is up and running)?

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