OK. The PC I am using now is the one I like to do all my work
on but want to get a router. I was told to find a older PC and
set it up as a router. Well, I have the extra PC now and I
just need to set it up. My main PC runs apache webserver, php,
squirrelmail, courier-imap, cups and a few other things. I
have never done any kind of networking like this but could
some people explain some things for me so I can have them
cleared up so the next time I'm reading a doc I can understand
what's going on? Just simple/or complex things about networking
would work. Like, gatewa, router, etc. I think you get the
idea. I think I know how this should be setup but please tell
me if this is wrong on how to setup this other pc as a router.
I have my main PC connected directly to the DSL right now. I
take the other PC place it somewhere close to this machine.
Put another (which would make 2 NICs in the router PC) Hook
the DSL cable into one of the NICs on the router, run it to
the DSL modem it's self, then connect another DSL cable into
the other NIC on the router machine and plug it into my main
PC. If this isn't correct please correct me. I would really
appreciate it. I have everything I just need to hook it up and
know where to get started on setting this machine up correctly
and have my main pc still run the same way it is doing now
with all the services I have running.
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