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> When I install or upgrade a port, all attempts to an HTTP
> URL fetch are timing out.  Typically I'll just sudo
> portupgrade a port I wish to install.
> I am behind a firewall that uses nat and stateful rules.
> Ftp fetches work just fine.  I just would like to speed

If that's the only handicap, I'm very surprised to hear that FTP goes
through and HTTP doesn't. Maybe your sysadmin disabled HTTP access:)?

> things up a bit by either causing the HTTP attempts to time
> out sooner or authorize them somehow.

You mean you have a local proxy? Set HTTP_PROXY to its address then. If
you want to change the timeout value, use -T with fetch.

>      -T seconds  Set timeout value to seconds.  Overrides the environment
>                  variables FTP_TIMEOUT for FTP transfers or HTTP_TIMEOUT for
>                  HTTP transfers if set.

If you want to make the change permanent, put the appropriate FETCH_CMD
in your /etc/make.conf (e.g FETCH_CMD=/usr/bin/fetch -T 5).

> I have done digging via man  fetch.  It mentions some
> environment variables that can be set:
>       HTTP_AUTH  (man 3 fetch)
>       HTTP_TIMEOUT (man 1 fetch)
> I don't understand what user-name / password combination for
> HTTP_AUTH could be set to enable HTTP fetches.  Is it the
> same as the anonymous/email_address used when manually
> logging into ftp sites as a guest? 
> And, if I set these ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES, do I need them
> set it in the root shell, or the user running sudo? 
> Thanks to any who might respond.
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