cloper wrote:

I have a few SUNRay thin clients that I would like to use on something other than Solaris. Has anyone successfully used these under BSD? Does anyone have any ideas what so ever?

I've seen an installation of about 30 SunRays before and I seem to remember thinking that they needed specialised software from Sun running under Solaris in order to work. They are *really* thin clients that really only consist of a monitor, mouse and keyboard and rely on their host server for everything else. That's not an architecture that you're going to get FreeBSD to run under I wouldn't think.

I'd like to be proved wrong however. Perhaps the rays just provide an X Server or somesuch and you could persuade them to display the output of XFree86 under FreeBSD?

I don't know enough detail to say for sure - do some investigating then come back and tell us all!

Also, you might want to ask on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, where more experienced Sun people hang out I'm sure.

Good luck!

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