Hi Everybody , 

        I have some questions about FreeBSD in my mind and I have to
solve all of them for using FreeBSD - for production server ... I  red
FreeBSD handbook and another FreeBSD book but I don't understand

        1) Now I'm using FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE I don't know how offen new
release announced but When I want to upgread to new release when it
available Which way is true to that ; Binary Update Mechanism to move
from release to release ( using freebsd-update-1.4 ports is correct or
Do you know any ports ) or Using New release CD and using sysinstall
program ... 

        2) Using and installing programs with ports really easy and
really easy to update ports with portupgrade because ports also have
patches for vulnerabillity. But I'm watching the list some programs like
ssh or sendmail are in base system and I have to track those programs
bugs Does it enough to watching Security Advisories from www.freebsd.org
and apply patches for up-to-date base system without sync. entire src.
Tree ... 

        3) I know that not like linux FreeBSD is structured that the
entire system is avaiable in source form  . Does it means When I
download or up-to-date the source via CVSup and use make world at this
moment I have updated , patched and new binaries FreeBSD ?!!  

        4) Some books thay said that " make world also not a guaranteed
process . I want to ask When I have high-profile production server Does
it true to use make world ?! Whats the way to protect/up-to-date
high-profile production servers ?!!! 

Thanks , 



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