on Dec 2003 22:03:14 -0800 (PST) Minnesota Slinky wrote:
>Hello all,
>Iíve got a couple of questions regarding resolutions. 
>First, is there a way to increase/decrease the
>resolution of the CLI interface? Iíve got a laptop
>that only seems to use the center 1/3 of the screen,
>Iím thinking 640x480, where my native resolution is
Personally i had to turn on the bios to what was called LCD
expansion doesn't effect the real resolution but it does 
scale the display. I couldn't change the resolution of the
console, though it is in general possible.
>My next question refers to xfree86. Part of my log
>file seems to indicate X is running at 640x480, and
>another seems to indicate 1024x768. Is there a way I
>can test this for sure?
Try adding a modes "1024x768" under one of the color
depths sections and a default depth to point to that depth. 
>Eric F Crist
>AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
>(612) 998-3588
Hope that helps,
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